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Crypto-Ponzi Scam analyzed from Matter Theory (Spanish philosopher: Gustavo Bueno)


My love is not a Ponzi scheme ...
Faraón de Egipto
The term Matter initially designed any kind of entity with an any kind of Unity that has an inner set of multiplicities with variable parts (quantitative or qualitative) that are mutually co-determinant (causally , structurally). Is for example a kind of structure in which the elements are connected between them.

Matter is composed of various genres:

- M1: Physical Matter: a first genre, which encompasses the materialities given in space and time (to physical materialities);
- M2: Subjetive Matter: a second genre that comprises the subjective entities given in a temporal dimension as it appears to the subject: Thoughts, dreams, feelings, pains...
- M3: Conceptual Matter: Ideal systems of mathematical, logical, and that properly did not join in a place or time of their own: For example numbers, theorems, ethical norms..

An actual Crypto-Ponzi Scam scheme in this Theory is:

M1: System of Software and also Hardware of crypto currencies that forms the Front End of the System, it is a cardboard web page with nice colors, images, display, smooth navigation and an excellent end user experience.

M2: Scam strategies itself: psychological and physical behaviour to scam someone. This is the kernel of the system: the professional scammers trying to "fish" the people to get his money.

M3: Conceptual System itself: Pyramid of entities where the capital flow from the bottom to the upper steps of the Pyramid.

S(P) = { M1 U M2 U M3 }

Scheme (Ponzi) = Union of the three Genres (M1, M2 and M3)

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